About us

Namasté, My name is Cho and I am the founder and artist of "Namacci. Lifestyle Essentials."

Ever since I was a young girl I always had a thing for crystals. I used to collect crystals and was intrigued by their beautiful colors, shape and their healing properties. When I was a teenager I was struggling with life. I felt empty, lonely while being stuck in the system... Deep down I knew there was a bigger picture and I started to question myself things like.. Is this it? What is my passion and what can I contribute to the world? 

One day I suddenly had this vision of inspiring people with energizing, healing tools which could uplift the mind, body and spirit, helping people with their process in spiritual and personal development. I wanted to empower humanity, but mostly the ones who are awakening from the maya illusion .

Being able to work with people who believe in the healing powers of mother nature, are connected with crystals, sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and resonate with empowering mantras and quotes, helping them to become their best version. I am so blessed to follow my dreams and passions, manifesting them into reality.


“Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good In Everything You Do.” ~ Warrior Goddess.