" Sacred Energy Tools For Empowerment."


Namacci's Product information

1. What is an Orgonite device?

An Orgonite® device is based on Dr. Wilhem Reich’s work which concluded that orgone energy (also known as Life-Force Energy, Chi or Prana) can be collected and attracted by alternating layers of organic and inorganic material. Such a composite continuously attracts and repels energy, serving as a catalyst for attracting and transmuting negative energy into a positive state of energy flow. The orgone energy principle is similar to the Chinese philosophies of Acupuncture and Feng Shui.


2. What are the healing properties of an Orgonite device? 

Using an orgonite® will benefit your health and environment in multiple ways:
☾ Having or wearing an Orgonite® device in your home or on your body grounds your biofield, strengthens your aura and neutralizes the effects of EMF pollution we are exposed to on a daily basis. 
☾ Transforms and neutralizes negative energy into positive energy, cleanses and amplifies your energy field and surroundings.
☾ Relieves mental and physical stress. Clears emotional and energetic blocks. 
☾ Protects against harmful effects of electromagnetic smog such as
WiFi, mobile phones, microwaves and other electronic devices. 
☾ Energizes water, food and accelerates plant growth.
☾ Perfect tool for meditation and healing energy work.


3. Are the Orgonites handmade?

Yes all of our orgonite creations are handmade on the crystal island Koh Phangang, Thailand.

I have chosen the location to create my orgonites, due to it's magical healing properties. There are specific energy points in the world which causes to uplift and higher the frequency and vibrations of mother earth. This island is one of them. 


4. How are Namacci's orgonite creations made?

Namacci creates handmade healing crystal art & jewelry using the orgonite healing system. Each Orgonite® creation is unique and different in its own way. We create perfect imperfect one-of-a-kind pieces, combined with the healing properties of different kinds of crystals, sacred geometry and symbols. Each creation is handmade, polished and energized with good vibes. All our creations uplift, energize and balance your body, mind and soul as well as the sacred space you live in.  

Our Orgonite® devices are created in cosmic flow. Through intuitive channeling crystals, nature elements and colors are selected which fit together in perfect harmony. If you are drawn to a specific creation know that you are resonating with it and that the crystals are communicating with you. You don’t choose a crystal. A crystal chooses you.

We use sage, palo santo and tuning forks (Om frequency and Crystal tuner) to cleanse, energize and amplify the energy of our Orgonite® devices while intentionally working with the vibration of love, light and abundance.

☾ The Om Frequency - 136.1 Hz is a frequency that resonates with the Earth and has been associated with light, warmth and joy.

☾ Crystal Tuner - 4096 Hz is a vibration which calls upon the higher realms of guardian angels, spirit guides and amplifies the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration while at the same time clearing unwanted energy.

☾ Our Orgonite® devices are approved and endorsed by Karl Hans Welz, Orgonite® Co-inventor with Wilhelm Reich and owner of the Orgonite® trademark. We are licensed creators and distributors of Orgonite® tools.


5. Are the Sacred Geometry Essentials handmade?

Yes, all of the Sacred Geometry creations are handmade by professional craftsman on another magical island, Bali, Indonesia. 

One of my favourite spots in the world too, I have chosen to create my products on the island as the energy of the people are very sincere, kind-hearted and pure. Bali is also on of the high frequency energy point in the world, which adds a magical energy to the products created there. 


6. Can I request a custom made orgonite piece?

At the moment it is not possible to request a custom made order, although it will be a possibility in the future. Please contact me if you want to be put on the reservationlist and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Namacci's Ordering & Purchasing 

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept IDEAL, Paypal, Creditcard and Bankcontact for fulfilling the payment of your order.


2. Do you offer loyalty points or reward points, gift certificates, etc.?

We do have 11% discount voucher available. All you have to do is write or post a review/testimonial on our social media page after receiving your order and we will send you a discount code to your social media account.


*You can take a picture of your product and tag us in your instagram post or story for example. 

* You can write a review on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/namacci/reviews 

Namacci's Shipping & Returns

1. Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Yes, we do accept returns/exchanges within 7 days and must be returned in unused, in original packaging and in resealable condition. 

Return shipping will be paid at the customers expense and will be required to arrange their own shipping.

Once returns are received and accepted, refunds will be processed to store credit for a future purchase. We will notify you once this has been completed through email.


2. Do you ship packages internationally? To where do you ship?

Yes, we are a worldwide online shop and ship internationally all over the world. e ship worldwide to different countries in the world. 


3. How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?

Your order will be processed within 2 business days and will be shipped from The Netherlands. 


6. How do you price your postage? 

Shipping costs are calculated during checkout based on weight, dimensions and destination of the items in the order. Payment for shipping will be collected with the purchase. This price will be the final price for shipping cost to the customer.

Namacci's Orgonite Care & Quality 

1. Why is it that each orgonite creation is different and varies in in composition of color, shape etc?

Often the picture is used for example of the orgonite only. The creation you receive might vary slightly in composition, shape and color. Please keep in mind that these are handmade items and will sometimes have artistic flaws such as air bubbles. They are perfect little imperfections and each one truly makes one of a kind. 


2. Do I need to cleanse/charge my orgonite pieces?

It is always nice to cleanse and charge your orgonite creations. Generally it has been said it's not necessary to cleanse and charge an orgonite generator as it has a self-cleansing mechanism and recharges it's own energy. But I love to use my orgonites with intention and take care of them like magical treasures. So I personally love to cleanse them with Palo Santo and sage, charge them with intention while holding it in my hands, using my tuning forks or putting it outside in full moon energy. 


3. Can I get my orgonite wet, and how about sun exposure?

It is not advised to wear orgonite while being in contact with water. To preserve the life of the orgonite, we recommend taking them off for shower and other water activities. This is because there are tiny microscopic holes that are continuing to merge and can trap water inside the pendant and create cosmetic distortions. Also avoid too much exposure in the sun. Resin can discolor over time when left out in the sun for too long.


4. Are the orgonites fragile?

Our orgonite creations are made from resin so they are pretty fragile and should be taken off with care. Avoid dropping on hard surfaces