" Sacred Energy Tools For Empowerment."

About Me

My name is Cho and I am the artist & founder of "Namacci Lifestyle Essentials."


Ever since I was a young girl I always had a thing for crystals. I used to collect crystals and was intrigued by their beautiful colors, shape and each of their own specific healing properties.


I believed in the mystical powers of the universe. One day I suddenly had this vision of inspiring people with energizing, healing tools which could uplift the body, mind and soul, helping to energize and empower people on their spiritual journey and in their personal growth. 


I started to create my own orgonite devices and designed different lifestyle essentials, using sacred geometry and crystals to tap into the ancient wisdom of our higher self and our connection with the universe.


Our mission is to empower and help you to manifest your desires with our spiritual healing tools.


“Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good In Everything You Do.”  ~ Warrior Goddess.